Game review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Nintendo 3DS

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Nintendo 3DS RRP: �39.99
Paper Mario: Sticker Star Nintendo 3DS RRP: �39.99
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NINTENDO’S latest addition to the Paper Mario series sees players using stickers to do battle in a charming papercraft world.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

£39.99, Nintendo 3DS

During the annual “Sticker Fest” celebration, the residents of Decalburg are attacked by Bowser and his minions, causing the fabled Sticker Comet to be shattered and its pieces strewn across the land. Mario then sets off on a quest to find all of the missing parts.

Half platformer, half turn-based battler, players must explore the world in search of stickers that can be peeled off the scenery, won in battle or bought in stores. Stickers are added to Mario’s album and upon coming into contact with enemies, the game enters 
battle mode – which is similar to turn-based RPGs such as Final Fantasy.

Players can then call on their collected stickers to unleash attacks, such as simple jump moves and hammer swings, as well as hurling bombs, fireballs, ninja stars and Koopa shells at enemies. The paper element is handled well, as you can crumple foes or make them soggy to slow them down. In turn, enemies can bind you with paper clips or throw ink on Mario to blind him.

There are also puzzles that involve clever use of your stickers, such as papering over fans, creating blocks and more, but they are mild distractions. While its combat is neat but – at times – shallow, the game’s superb humour, charming world and enjoyable platforming will drive you onward.