Game review: God Of War: Ascension

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In 2005, God Of War set the benchmark in action gaming with its mix of Greek mythology and brutality.

God Of War: Ascension

SCEE, PS3,£35-£39.99

Kratos was an instant console superstar, his Blades of Chaos hacking and slashing through the gods and monsters of legend, in multifaceted combat that was inventive, bloody and addictive. Ascension is the sixth outing for the permanently angry warrior, and you’ll still be awestruck by the grand scale of the story as you confront beasts the size of mountains. It’s incredibly slick and plays smoothly but isn’t quite as fresh as eight years ago, as Kratos inflicts all manner of pain and violence on his foes. The solo campaign is the main draw but the new multiplayer mode is also surprisingly fun.