Game review: Forza Motorsport 6

Forza 6 is one of the most technically accomplished Xbox One titles to date. Picture: Contributed
Forza 6 is one of the most technically accomplished Xbox One titles to date. Picture: Contributed
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The best iteration yet in the definitive racing series

Game review: Forza Motorsport 6

Platform: Xbox One

Score: 9/10

FORZA Motorsport 6 marks the tenth anniversary of a series that has become one of Microsoft’s standout exclusives. Over that time, it has evolved in thoughtful ways, with the Horizon offshoot providing an arcade style tone and an open world element to the core racing simulation. The main Forza titles, however, remains the bellwether, prized for its impeccable handling and expansive roster of beautiful, high powered vehicles.

The sixth installment goes all out to offer the most comprehensive Forza experience yet. With around 460 cars available and upwards of two dozen tracks, the depth and variety is unsurpassed, demonstrating Turn 10’s commitment to producing something extra special. Technically, this is one of the best Xbox One games available, with the high speed action unfolding at 60 frames per second and convincing new rain effects. his is a game that combines depth with finesse.

Behind the wheel, Forza feels as responsive and satisfying as ever

On the tarmac, where it counts, the Forza experience feels as good as ever. Each car has nuanced differences that present different opportunities and challenges, but across the board, the handling and responsiveness is spot on. Brake too late into a corner and you will feel the loss of control through a worrying rumble in the gamepad. Act swiftly and it is possible to correct your mistakes. Sometimes just avoiding a crash feels as rewarding as placing first, especially when you are the middle of a tight pack.

The most intriguing new addition is Mods, an optional feature in single player modes which asks you to perform various techniques during a race in return for a points boost or improved attributes for your career. It is a great way of adding impetus to qualifying events and more importantly, serves as a fine training ground for some of the game’s more advanced tricks of the trade which, once learned, will soon become indispensable over the course of your career.

A fitting way to mark Forza’s tenth anniversary

The online component, always a key part of Forza games, has been bolstered with some welcome tweaks. It is now possible to take part in leagues which, similar to the Seasons mode in FIFA games, allows you progress up various tiers depending on your ability. That alone should be enough to keep you gripped, but overall, Forza 6 is a fitting way to mark the tenth anniversary of the definitive racing series.


You will progress quicker in the early stages of career mode if you focus on amassing mods rather than cars.

Try to brake gently into corners by pressing the brake trigger slightly. Pulling down hard on it can result in you losing control.

Take extra care of becoming snarled up in packs, especially during early corners. Some races feature up to 24 cars, the most ever in any Forza game.