Game review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

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WHILE it was a solid game, Final Fantasy XIII was not without problems, and developer Square-Enix has made up for them entirely with this stunning follow-up.

Picking up after the events of the first game, former protagonist Lightning has disappeared, sparking an epic quest to track her down across time and multiple dimensions.

The fluid Paradigm Shift combat system returns, pitting heroes Serah and Noel against a wide range of enemies, utilising a blend of six different classes ranging from the melee-heavy Commando, the magic-orientated Ravager and the Medic’s healing abilities.

In addition, Feral Link gives you the option of capturing monsters encountered in the field and using them in battle. There are many beasts to discover, each bolstering your existing characters in various ways.

Jumping through time to find Lightning is a joy, as you relive areas from the previous game as far as 700 years into the future. The further you progress through the plot, your actions will change the past, manipulating both the environment and the people who inhabit the world.

This mechanic gives rise to many taxing puzzles and for every solved mission, you will earn a crystal artefact that unlocks new time zones and dimensions, expanding the game world even further. With all of this, as well as stunning visuals and a superb soundtrack, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a sequel that blows the original away.