Game review: Disney Infinity 3.0

The Star Wars universe plays a leading role in Infinity 3.0. Picture: Contributed
The Star Wars universe plays a leading role in Infinity 3.0. Picture: Contributed
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A PLAYFUL and fun mix of game styles and big name franchises

Game review: Disney Infinity 3.0

Platform: Xbox One (reviewed) / Playstation 4 / Wii U / Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 / PC

Score: 8/10

THE greatest asset the Infinity games have at their disposal is the might of the Disney corporation, a behemoth with a list of assets of licenses as long and shiny as the newly opened Borders railway. The jewels in this glittering crown are Star Wars and Marvel, both of which are rolled out in expansive style for the third instalment of the series. With a new Skylanders game on the horizon and Lego entering the fray with its own toys to life offering, it makes for a powerful package that, perhaps more than its competitors, will appeal to all the family.

Similar to previous titles, Infinity 3.0 is a third person action adventure rich with a twist; a peripheral which comes with the starter back allows you to place figurines on it, who are in turn transported into the in-game world. What follows is a lightsome blend of various gameplay styles, spanning platforming, races, light combat, basic puzzles and a generous smattering of side quests.

The gameplay feels tighter and satisfying than previous editions

Compared to last year’s entry, the mechanics feel tighter and more responsive, no doubt thanks to the publisher’s decision to bolster the work of the main developers, Avalanche Software, with not one, not two, but four other firms: Ninja Theory; Studio Gobo, Sumo Digital and United Front Games. The result has paid off and even the most throwaway mini-games are fun are satisfying the play, something that could not always be said about the inaugural Infinity title or its sequel.

Along with the software and the base, our Star Wars-themed starter pack came with two character models - Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano - along with a Twilight of the Republic playset, allowing for a campaign based on the Clone Wars cartoon series. The cartoon style graphics representing the figures are crisp and well animated, while the game itself is involving, taking around seven hours to complete.

The starter pack figures are limited but it still represents good value

Well, we say complete, but the truth is that the lifespan of Infinity 3.0 can be extended indefinitely, provided you are prepared to shell out for extra figures and playsets. Given that these include characters from the original Star Wars film trilogy such as Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Disney probably know that die-hard fans will do just that. Cynical? Perhaps, but once you take into account the Toy Box mode, a well designed creation suite which allows you to create your own games, the company cannot be accused of having short changed anyone. This is a great game that provides hours of fun for parents and kids alike.


Overhauled combat means that you can continue to attack enemies even when they are in the air, so try unleashing an uppercut or two.

Many more costumes can be used as sidekicks in Infinity 3.0, so try experimenting.

Have a look on YouTube for inspiration when making your Toy Box creations. Players from around the world are already showcasing their creativity.