Game review: Binary Domain PS3/Xbox 360

Binary Domain
Binary Domain
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Set in a future where robots perform most manual duties, Binary Domain follows a crack military team as it infiltrates Tokyo in search of a ruthless corporation head who has been creating robots that look and act just like humans.

Leading this “Rust Crew” team is Dan Marshall, and as Dan you must face many battles against sentry droids and other robotic monstrosities.

Fans of Mass Effect and Gears of War will feel right at home with Binary Domain’s cover-shooter mechanics, as Dan lets rip with a range of firearms while directing his team. The game also has a trust system which dictates how well your squad will heed your commands. Picking the correct dialogue choices and supporting allies when wounded in battle are just some of the ways you can foster a loyal team.

Along the way you can spend credits earned by defeating robots on weapon upgrades and nanomachine boosters that increase the stats of teammates, such as faster health regeneration and defences.

The shooting system isn’t revolutionary but the scale of battles and insane aesthetics of each battle crank the excitement up considerably, while getting the chance to stop and catch your breath is rare. In addition, Binary Domain is backed up by a strong story that will keep you hooked until the blistering finale.

RRP: £39.99