Game review: BattleBlock Theater for Xbox 360

Battleblock Theatre
Battleblock Theatre
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The latest game from Castle Crashers team The Behemoth, BattleBlock Theater is an absolutely joyous platformer, drawing on the playful art style and humour of Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp and a superb multiplayer component.

Ship master Hatty Hattington is taking his friends on a party cruise and is shipwrecked on an island full of evil cats. Your character is then forced to play a deadly game in a bid to earn freedom.

Each stage has players jumping around arenas made of different blocks in search of emeralds and the exit. There are many block types that shake up each stage. Flaming blocks cause your character to shoot upwards, jelly blocks make them slide slowly.

Levels become incredibly taxing later, especially when cat guards enter the battle armed with lasers and other traps. In multiplayer, four characters battle it out, hurling weapons at one another, and knocking opponents into traps. There are many modes, including fighting over other players’ souls.

BattleBlock Theater is as charming as they come, with a playful script, colourful visuals and a hilarious spectator who gives a running commentary of the action. Throw in a superb level editor and you have a grand experience. Given the cost, you should give this 
a whirl.