Game of the week: Guacamelee!

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Sometimes you want to give your reflexes a workout. Guacamelee! is a quirky little platform title based in the world of Mexican masked wrestling.


Drinkbox Studios, PS3/PSVita, £9.99

The bold, boxy art style is particularly appealing. The whole game looks fabulous and plays pretty sharply. And if you are after that dexterity workout, it’s got some fiendish platforming: there’s no room for error, with some sections requiring a healthy dose of luck to survive unscathed. This can get frustrating at times. Fittingly for a game based around luchadores, the combat boasts a plethora of grappling moves to master. Add in the ability to leap between the worlds of the living and the dead and you have a great balance between puzzling, action and well-timed jumps.

Henry Northmore