Game changing sports stars

• Eric Liddell - played rugby for Scotland before winning 400m gold at the 1924 Olympics.

• Max Evans - Thom's older brother was a professional golfer in Portugal before joining the Glasgow Warriors rugby team in 2007.

• Andy Goram - Rangers and Scotland goalkeeper also played for the Scottish cricket team.

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• Viv Richards - West Indies cricket legend also played international football for Antigua.

• Jeff Wilson - earned a call up to the New Zealand one-day cricket team before becoming one of the All Blacks rugby side.

• Marion Jones - disgraced Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter now makes her living as a basketball player.

• Michael Jordan - quit Chicago Bulls basketball team to try his hand at professional baseball before returning to basketball.

• Rebecca Romero - won Olympic medals in first rowing, then cycling, and says might consider future in speed skating.