Gadget: Swan Come Dine with Me Party Wok

The weensy woks take a bit of getting used to
The weensy woks take a bit of getting used to
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HAVING charmed a few family members with dinner party delights, the message has spread and I am now a cook book magnet.

Swan Come Dine with Me 
Party Wok

£52.99, from John Lewis and Argos,

This Christmas I eclipsed last year’s record, receiving eight volumes of culinary prose, including both 30 and 15-minute varieties of Jamie Oliver’s bestsellers.

The Swan Come Dine With Me Party Wok, themed around the Channel Four show of the same name seemed like an apt gadget to test with such a wealth of newfound recipe possibilities. I was also keen on reducing the stress and effort of catering for my girlfriend’s burgeoning birthday party guest list.

You get six funky coloured mini woks in the box which are heated up on a hotplate.

I arranged bowls of thinly sliced chicken, beef, vegetables and noodles in a colourful crescent in the middle of the table. Although they’re never going to match the 4ft flame of fury at my local Chinese, the little pans heated up pretty fast. The weensy woks take a bit of getting used to, the key being to start cooking round two when you’re midway through munching round one.

There really weren’t any grumbles about this from my guests and we ended up with some interesting combos including a chicken and Nutella dish which I won’t be repeating any time soon. There’s also the possibility of whisking off the woks and cooking pancakes directly on the hotplates. Although, like a fondue set, it may only be deployed sparingly, the Swan Party Wok is a sure fire way of getting everyone involved.