Gadget review: Tetris Light

Tetris Light. Picture: Contributed
Tetris Light. Picture: Contributed
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I WAS a big fan of Lego as a little boy; the endless possibilities of what could be built, the interesting ways things could be destroyed, and the competition with my brother to construct something bigger and better than he built.

My finest achievement was a scale model of the Eiffel Tower complete with a working lift, which took an extravagant number of bricks. That was my last great Lego build, before the virtual playground gripped me, with attractions such as Tetris occupying me for hours on end.

While it may be one of the greatest video games of all time, Tetris isn’t the most imaginative of games. That said I am slightly obsessed with anything that lights up, so when I saw the Tetris Light, I had to give it a go.

You get seven multi-coloured Tetrominoes for your money, with each square measuring 4cm cubed. That means four squares in a row are about the same length as a TV remote. The blue cuboid Tetromino also houses the power socket, which the included AC adapter is plugged into.

The blocks are edged in metal and light up as you place each one together. Although I didn’t experience any Jenga-style catastrophes, a sudden breeze could send them flying. The building configurations, within the realms of Tetris and the rules of contact outlined, are vast and the light produced by my horseshoe-inspired creation was also pleasantly atmospheric. While its novelty value may run out rather rapidly, for just under £30, the Tetris Light is a quirky retro treat.

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