Gadget review: Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 fan

The Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 fan. Picture: Contributed
The Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 fan. Picture: Contributed
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A HEATING and cooling fan that incorporates classic Dyson design motifs

Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 fan

Price: £349.99

THE approach taken by inventor James Dyson over the years has been one filled with serial surprises and purposeful enterprise. Similar to Apple, his firm’s overarching principle is not concerned with developing new technologies, but improving upon existing ones. It is an approach that focuses on everyday products other companies would never deign worthy of experimentation, perhaps because they are viewed as dull necessities rather than exciting examples of new, disruptive technology. In terms of functionality, a fan undoubtedly belongs in the former category; with its modish black and nickel design, however, the AM05 is no ordinary example.

The way in which the compact 2.5kg AM05 circulates both hot and cold air is beguiling, if barely penetrable by anyone lacking an MSc in thermal engineering. The main component - an curved oval-style ring similar in shape to a racing circuit - does not feature blades. Instead, the fan draws in 28 litres of air a second through a mixed flow impeller. The air then travels over ceramic stones, regulating the heat, and is then accelerated - or ‘wheeched’ in the Scots vernacular - out an aperture, via an airfoil-shaped ramp. It is a complex and unseen process, yet the benefits are evident from the first time you switch it on.

The fan heats up a large living room in a matter of minutes

With a temperature range from 1C to 37C, the AM05 promises to heat any good sized room quickly and - most impressive of all - evenly, unlike other fans which project pockets of hot air into select areas of a space. It is a bold claim but one justified throughout a week of testing. A large living room at 16C was warmed to a toasty 24C in a matter of minutes, while cranking the temperature up even higher proved well within the AM05’s capabilities. With an adjustable oscillation control, the heat was distributed throughout the room, even a good 18 to 20 feet away from the Dyson itself, with an intelligent thermostat cutting out once the desired temperature had been reached.

While the airflow rate can also modified (with a range of 1 to 10) the higher settings are not necessary, with a setting of 3 or 4 more than ample to heat up the fan’s surroundings. It is a good thing too, as on the maximum setting the AM05 makes quite a noise - nothing too troublesome compared to other fans on the market, but it does require you to turn the volume on the television up a few notches. Even at the maximum temperature, the body of the fan quickly cools down - a major safety benefit for those with children or pets - while the cooling fan is considerably quieter and does just as fine a job of circulating cold air around a room.

Its price tag will put some people off but the design and execution justify it

The AM05 is arguably the only example of its product range around that begs to be given prominence in a room, instead of being stored discreetly out of sight in a dimly-lit corner. The asking price is sure to put off those consumers who reason that a decent quality fan should no cost upwards of £50, let alone £300, but the design and execution of the AM05 more than justifies its status as a premium product for the home. This is consumer technology at its best: a stylish example of how to repurpose an everyday device and one that excels in its remit.