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EasyJet were ordered to pay compensation after they were found at fault for stranded passengers Picture: Ian Georgeson
EasyJet were ordered to pay compensation after they were found at fault for stranded passengers Picture: Ian Georgeson
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IT’S never too early to learn something new, like where in Scotland has the highest crime rates and how much compensation did two stranded EasyJet passengers receive, plus a couple other things.

EasyJet left two passengers stranded in Italy

An Edinburgh couple has been awarded compensation after having to pay £900 for a flight home after delays at an EasyJet check in desk.

Niall Caldwell and his wife Aileen arrived two hours before the flight was due to depart, but were met with long queues at the bag drop desk, and only three members of staff working.

After pleads for passengers leaving on earlier flights went unheard, the couple missed their flight after being held aside for additional security checks.

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Edinburgh has the highest level of crime in Scotland

The capital city has the highest crime rate and lowest detection rate, with officers regularly taken off frontline duty to cover events.

A study by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland reported that Edinburgh’s 738.2 crimes per 10,000 of population was almost double that of the national average of 481.2 people.

While cities like Aberdeen and Glasgow have shown a reduction in crime rates over the past three years, the Capital has grown.

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Young people want to stay in the EU

With the upcoming referendum on the European Union membership, a new study has shown that young people overwhelmingly want to stay a member of the EU.

The analysis, by NatCen Social Research, shows that university graduates are also the largest group of people who want to remain part of the union.

The study said there was “significant social differences” by those who want to stay and those who want out.

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Winter deaths in Scotland at an all time high

Concerns have been voiced after new figures showed that winter deaths in Scotland are at a 15 year high.

There has been worry as to how the NHS will cope over the coming months.

Between December 2014 and March 2015, 22,011 deaths were recorded, as opposed to 18,675 the previous winter.

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