Former Labour MSP back on the Holyrood wage bill after £30k pay-off

The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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A Labour MSP is back on the Scottish parliamentary pay-roll after pocketing £30,000 for her departure just last year.

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Lesley Brennan became a Labour MSP for North East Scotland in January 2016 following the retirement of Richard Baker.

She failed to retain her seat at the next election, meaning her stay lasted only ten weeks, for which she received a “resettlement” grant worth half a year’s salary.

She has now been rehired as the “chief of staff” to new Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, and is expected to take home an annual salary of £60,000.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman told The Herald: “Scottish taxpayers are finding Lesley Brennan on their payroll for the third time in quick succession.

“It’s a significant burden in exchange for an out-of-date, extreme Left-wing agenda.”

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