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I was shocked to read that many people whose benefit has been stopped have been forced to resort to some loathsome payday lender and risk losing all their possessions, thanks to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s Dickensian reforms.

People are unaware that it is illegal under EU law to withhold payment such as benefit by way of sanction. A friend informs me that an almost secret form exists whereby you can claim back nearly all of it from the first date of non-payment.

You must show that you are experiencing hardship, such as having no money for food, heating etc. You can get claim forms from any Job Centre. The same person described his own experience, having been placed in the hands of Triage Central instead of the local Job Centre, resulting in a sorry tale.

Being highly intelligent and unduly persistent he eventually succeeded in “getting blood out of a stone”. I wish you good luck!


Drummond Avenue Auchterarder