Food: A 16 Course Musical

Food: A 16 Course Musical,

Gilded Balloon Teviot

ONLY a country actually obsessed with food could produce a 16-course musical about it.

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Originating from New York City itself, Food sings and dances its way through Yank Fatty’s - yes, that is the lead character’s name - "search for the perfect food".

Fatty discovers a chocolate bar that at first is delightful and sweet and leads him to fame and riches, but then nightmarish situations.

This show not only focuses on various culinary delights, but also the not so delectable greed and obsessive nature that accompanies food, correlating with America’s capitalist ideals and a constant demand for more.

However, Fatty’s search for perfection is not parallel to the production itself.

It was amusing and boasted strong melodies.

And although a few of the numbers stretched some of the performers a little too much, most were carried off well enough thanks to the really talented singers amongst the generally solid cast and good accompanying band.

The production’s main downfall, however, was that the comical, or even ridiculous, manner in which this show’s subject matter could have been delivered turned out to be a bit overbearing.

Food is a musical with a serious message and merely pretends to be a bit of a farce.

And by the end, if you can take that message lightly and not let it overpower the performances, Food will provide a laugh and prove worthy entertainment.

Runs until August 25