Fly-scare patient has op

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A HOSPITAL patient whose operation was cancelled after a rogue fly was discovered in an operating theatre has now been treated, NHS Lothian has confirmed.

The incident on Friday was the second time in five months flies have caused an operation to be cancelled and an operating theatre to close due to the risk of infection at the Royal Infirmary.

An NHS Lothian spokesperson confirmed the patient was seen yesterday morning, as an investigation into where the fly came from continues at the hospital.

The theatre reopened on Saturday following a deep clean and other anti-­infection measures.

In June, when two theatres were shut at the hospital for a combined 11 days due to flies, it was found the insects had been attracted to a dead pigeon in a roof cavity.

It has been claimed that internal areas of the Royal Infirmary are home to around 100 feral birds, ­although NHS Lothian has denied the existence of an internal infestation.