Flatscreen TVs for prisoner vans

DVDs and televisions are to be made available in security vans to stop prisoners trashing the vehicles through boredom.

Flatscreen televisions are reportedly being installed in vans belonging to G4S, which takes over Scotland’s prison transport next month, it was reported today.

G4S has insisted only prisoners travelling on long journeys would be able to use the entertainment.

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A spokesman said: “Among the risks to prisoners’ health G4S are aiming to reduce anxiety associated with long journey and appearing at court and self-harm or attempted suicides. In addition, the company hope to reduce the likelihood of prisoners damaging the cell due to anxiety or boredom.

“The systems can show standard channels as well as DVDs relating to general wellbeing and giving advice on prisoners’ rights.”

G4S, which won the £154 million seven-year contract from Reliance, expect to transport more than 1000 prisoners a day from Scotland’s 180,000 strong prison population.