Flatmate of missing Russian student fears the worst

CCTV footage shows Yulia Solodyankina walking through central Edinburgh on 7 June. Picture: contributed
CCTV footage shows Yulia Solodyankina walking through central Edinburgh on 7 June. Picture: contributed
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THE boyfriend of missing Russian student Yulia Solodyankina has said she was “very stressed” in the weeks leading up to her disappearance.

The Edinburgh University student was due to graduate today but has not been in contact with friends or family since 6 June.

She was spotted on CCTV at Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station – but no one has been able to explain what she could have been doing in the city.

Boyfriend Antoine Dao said: “She had been very stressed during her exams, and no one knows what results she got.

“I don’t think she had any problems. I mean, she was just like a normal person.

“Things were good, and then – boom, she had gone. She had finished her exams, she seemed happy, she was dancing.”

He added: “We had been 
getting much closer. We had said some things to each other, that you know, had made us much closer.”

Urging the missing student to get in touch, Mr Dao said: “I would simply like to get a message to Yulia if she is out there.

“Whatever her reason might be to disappear I can respect that, but we would just like to get a sign that she is alive and healthy as we are all worried sick.

“If ever she is scared of coming back due to the hype that has been created about her, please get in contact with us through some other way and we can talk through it.”

Flatmate Alex Amon, 22, said none of Ms Solodyankina’s friends and family could understand what had led to her disappearance.

“What has happened is very out of character. None of us can really understand it or explain it. Yulia seemed very excited about her upcoming plans. She was supposed to meet me in London on the weekend of 23 June. I do not think she would leave of her own accord. I think something must have happened to her.

“The best scenario we are left with is that she has gone off somewhere on her own, but I really don’t think she would do that. Yulia is extremely good-hearted and such a caring person. I do not believe she would be so careless as to go off on her own. She is very level headed and responsible.

“We had both just finished our course. I plan to do a Masters but Yulia had completed her degree and was looking to the future.”

Ms Amon and Ms Solodyankina were on the same physics course and shared a flat in South Clerk Street in Edinburgh Southside.

She said: “Yulia was a good flatmate. She was tidy and responsible. We would study together and we went to yoga together. She was also in a dancing group. We are so worried – we just want to hear she is OK.”

CCTV footage was released last week showing the student at Buchanan Street Bus Station in Glasgow at about 4:55pm on 7 June. She was also spotted on CCTV in Edinburgh earlier in the day. She was filmed in South Bridge, near her home, at 2:50pm before walking across North Bridge and on to the bus station in St Andrew Square. She is believed to have travelled to Glasgow on a Citylink bus, leaving Edinburgh at about 3:25pm.

Ms Solodyankina is described as white, 5ft 6ins tall, with a small mole on her left cheek. When she was last seen she was wearing a dark coat with a belt, a dark shoulder bag with a red and orange scarf on. She was also wearing grey trousers and brown shoes with white laces.