Five stunning Scottish locations to propose

Inversnaid Pier at Loch Lomond. Picture: Getty
Inversnaid Pier at Loch Lomond. Picture: Getty
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VALENTINE’S Day: the single most romantic day in the British calendar. Up and down the country couples are exchanging tokens of love and sweating over dinner plans.

Not unexpectedly, February 14th is a popular date for partners to become engaged.

Dundas Castle. Picture: Esme Allen

Dundas Castle. Picture: Esme Allen

A marriage proposal is such a momentous occasion in anyone’s life and many try their best to make it special.

The setting can be make a big difference. Get the right timing in the right location and things can be perfect, and Scotland certainly offers plenty of scenic locations to get down on one knee.

Loch Lomond

This setting not only has the lure of picturesque Scotland at its finest and most celebrated, there are actually proposal ‘tours’ available to help you pop the question. For a little as £60, Loch Lomond Leisure will take you and your beloved on a look around on the water, inviting you to work up the courage at some point during the boat ride. There’s no doubting the many beautiful sites around Loch Lomond’s 27 square miles of surface area which will provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable moment.

St Ninian's Isle. Picture: Creative Commons

St Ninian's Isle. Picture: Creative Commons

Dundas Castle (pictured)

This 15th century castle is situated in South Queensferry with views of the dark blue water of the Firth of Forth. Within the grounds is The Boathouse, a holiday cottage which has its own private loch. The castle is available for hire and is a popular wedding venue. What better place to pop the question than a stunning castle where love in constantly in the air? This might be a particularly good tactic for a potential groom who isn’t 100 per cent certain of his partner’s answer. Witness a group of happy wedding guests and plant the seed.

Arisaig, Lochaber

The Sunnyside Croft Touring Site allows couples to camp in the area, soaking in the beauty all around. However, if a potential groom doesn’t feel like getting down on one knee in front of a group of inebriated strangers, it’s only a short walk to the beach. Once there a couple can find peace, tranquillity and an intimate setting for their own private celebration once the all important question has been answered.

Ackergill Tower

Less than a 30 minute drive from John O’Groats, this remote 15th century castle comes complete with 3,000 acre grounds, perfect for a nervy boyfriend to take his partner for a walk before he works up the courage. And if he doesn’t fancy walking on the lush green grass there’s a seven mile beach running adjacent to the castle. There’s even a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights at certain times of the year. Now proposing in front of that spectacle really would be something special.

St Ninian’s Isle (pictured)

At only 72 hectares, this tied island is the largest active tombolo in the United Kingdom and one of Scotland’s best kept secrets. In anything other than extreme high tide it is accessible from the mainland. A perfectly formed sandy path stretched out 500 metres, with crystal blue water (in the summer) lapping at either side. You’ll forget for a second that you’re still in Scotland. The one drawback? It’s in Shetland. Perhaps a little out of the way for some. But any non-Shetlander who proposes there will definitely get 10/10 for originality.


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