Five extreme Scottish running events

Deerstalker runners make their make round the course - with headlights.
Deerstalker runners make their make round the course - with headlights.
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The long dark winter nights are no more. It’s time to dust off your running shoes and pound the streets and parks once more. But what event will you be training for this summer? Here we list some unusual running events around Scotland worthy of your consideration.


If thundering round a darkened forrest head-to-toe in Tweed tickles your running fancy then look no further than the Deerstalker race.

Tweed and tartan is the dress code for this off-the-wall event which takes place in the grounds of Traquair House in Peeblesshire.

The less nuts can take part in the daytime 5K event, which is really 10K in distance.

While those who don’t mind a tumble can opt for the nightime 10K event which is actually 15K.

DATE: MARCH 17, 2012


It’s an arguement that’s been raging between runners since the days of the Walkman - to run with music or not?

On the day of this event at least the ‘pro-music’ fraternity can revel in victory as they run along to a host of bands and DJs set up on route.

The event also gives runners that rare pleasure - the chance to run a race that takes place in its entirety with the confines of Edinburgh city centre.

DATE: APRIL 15, 2012


Don’t let the mild climate of the island fool you, this is an off-ROAD race deemed one of the toughest in the British isles.

With only one main road, Jura is a bastion of unspoilt natural beauty. However while this scenery may be pleasnt to look at, clambering over seven mountain summits on this 28K routes takes real mettle.

DATE: MAY 26, 2012


It’s a question that confronts the amateur runner when they’ve completed a few marathons and their times start to level out - what next?

The Glasgow-Edinburgh Ultramarathon could provide the answer the answer to your running conundrum but it will leave you exhausted.

The 56 mile course runs along the Forth & Clyde and Union canals and takes in the Antonine Wall and the Falkirk Wheel before leading competitors into the heart of Edinburgh.

DATE: MARCH 31, 2012