Five educational apps perfect for your commute

Commuting can be a tedious experience, so why not use the time productively to learn a new skill. From coding to learning Gaelic, these short bursts can help keep your brain in top shape.

Learn on the go with these educational apps.

Learning new skills can liven up those boring, morning journeys to work.

Apps which add a social competitive element encourage people to use the app on a daily basis to “beat” their friends progress’, have also be shown to improve skills.

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uTalk allows users to learn the most used tourist phrases

The bite sized lessons are designed to have the user spending a small amount of time each day learning a new language, helping reinforce daily the words and phrases taught.

This app goes in depth, teaching basics from colours and numbers, to the correct verbs and adjectives used.

The app allows you to compete against friends progress, turning it into a game - and also lets you earn points to unlock alternative lessons, such as flirting.

An American University study has shown that 34 hours spent on Duolingo offers the same value as a semester in language education at a university.

Skillshare lets users learn from industry professionals over a wide range of skills

Code School

Code School helps you learn coding on the go. The on-demand course and project videos are tailored to subject areas - such as JavaScript or HTML/CSS.

Users are provided with a report card to allow them to track their progress through the courses.


uTalk allows users to learn the most used tourist phrases

Business, design, DIY, writing, cooking - the learning possibilities with this app are not only endless but also taught by industry professionals.

From reporters at The New York Times to coding classes from Google employees, you’ll be learning right from the top employees across the globe.

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uTalk Classics

Skillshare lets users learn from industry professionals over a wide range of skills

uTalk was developed by a company with over 20 years of experience in language learning. uTalk gives you the key words you need and a fast, scientific way of remembering them.

Learning languages - from Gaelic to Vietnamese - has never been easier.

By focusing on the basics - from ordering a drink to find a chemist to ask for an aspirin, this app is great for those with an upcoming holiday.

By using images, quizzes and playback from native speakers, this app will have you speaking another language in no time.


Not used algebra since leaving high school? This could be the app for you. Brushing up on basic skills, the app not only helps you solve equations, but also has a training option to help you learn some new, advanced skills. In the training mode the provides 380 exercises per topic and skill level, as well as giving you tests and a progress update.