Firm sets up Glasgow Commonwealth Games camping sites

The camp sites proved popular during the London 2012 Olympics
The camp sites proved popular during the London 2012 Olympics
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With hotel prices significantly increasing during Glasgow 2014, spectators and volunteers are looking for alternative accommodation options for the 11 day event.

Following the success of camping at the London 2012 Olympics, Campsite company, Campingninja has set up campsites for volunteers and spectators’ at large community sports centres, in the South West and South East of the city.

Katie Astbury, partnerships Manager at Campingninja, said: “Campingninja has set up campsites at community sports clubs around the city so that you can camp within easy access of all the major games venues, explore Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and lots of other spectacular Scottish sights without having to cram your visit into 2 days.

“One solution that is guaranteed to remain cost effective and above all fun is camping”.

Both campsites will include an array of facilities, such as shower and toilet access, laundry facilities, car parking and free wifi.

Residents at the campsite will also be provided with breakfast and an evening meal and access to a bar showing all the events at the games, along with transport links for all venues.

Karen Wilding, a Glasgow 2014 volunteer, said: “At first I decided to camp because the hotels and hostels were far too expensive. Then as I got used to the idea I think it’s the best idea I’ve ever had! Being on a site with lots of other volunteers will mean there will be at least one other person doing an early morning, plenty of people to talk to, I’m volunteering alone so don’t want to be too lonely and the atmosphere will be great.”

Prices for camping are £14 per night for adults and £7 per night for children.

During the London Olympics, Campingninja campsites hosted over 8000 spectators and volunteers from across 34 nations.

Teaming up with sports clubs and centres across the city, Campingninja provided eight different campsites as a cheaper means of accommodation through out the games.

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