Father to get tragic Vicky's purse back

A PURSE belonging to murdered teenager Vicky Hamilton is to be returned to her father 19 years after her death.

The personal possessions of the 15-year-old, who was raped and strangled by Peter Tobin, will be handed over to father Michael, 60, after the serial killer dropped an appeal against his life sentence last month.

Last night Mr Hamilton said: "I don't have much left of Vicky's so these items are really important to me. The police have promised me her things are safe. I don't want her clothes but it is really important for me to get back her jewellery and purse."

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A spokesman for the Crown Office said: "Arrangements are being made to return Vicky's property to her family as soon as possible."

Vicky's purse, which was found near an Edinburgh bus station 11 days after she vanished, helped to snare Tobin through DNA links.