Family 'petrified' to return after thieves ransack home

A TERRIFIED disabled mum and her children took refuge in a bedroom while thieves ransacked their home in a late-night robbery.

The robbers forced their way into the house in Pilton and the woman, who needs a walking frame to get around, cowered in the bedroom with three of her children while her eldest child was forced to go round identifying valuables to be stolen.

The 41-year-old mother today described how she had been left too "petrified" to return home since the ordeal.

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She said she had been in bed at around 11:50pm when she realised someone was walking around in her house. The men then came into the room and pushed her back.

"My oldest daughter came into the room to see what was happening and they took her upstairs to search my kids' bedrooms for things to steal.

"My other kids had woken up and came to my room. My son kept asking me, 'What's happening?' and I told him, 'We're being burgled'. It was terrifying. They took everything we had and we're not insured."

The thieves made off with items including a plasma TV, a laptop, and mobile phones.

Police were called after being alerted by a neighbour following the incident last Monday.

The mother said: "We're all too petrified to go back to the house after what we went through. I went back once to be interviewed by the police and I couldn't take it.

"I was scared and kept remembering what happened. There's no way we'll be able to go back there.

"We need somewhere where we can be together again as a family. We're just waiting to see if the social worker can find us anywhere. We may have to go to a homeless place for the moment."

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A police spokesman said two males, aged 19 and 15, had been arrested and charged in connection with an alleged break-in.

A Crown Office spokesman said that a 19-year-old had appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last Wednesday charged with three counts of assault and robbery, and breach of the peace. He made no plea or declaration, was continued for further examination and remanded in custody.