Experts recreate face of mystery dead man

Police have launched an international appeal to identify a man whose body was washed ashore more than two years ago, after Scottish experts created a virtual reconstruction of his head.

The remains of the man's body were found by a member of the public on the beach in the Havre des Pas area of Jersey on 21 February, 2008.

The man does not match any missing person reports locally, and there was no identification found with the remains to suggest a place or date of birth, or where the man might have been living or working before he was found.

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It is thought that the body could have drifted in from the English Channel, or the North Brittany coast, depending upon the tidal flow, currents and wind direction.

Samples taken from the man's chest hair, tooth, nail and bone tissue suggest links with Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates or the Horn of Africa.

Experts from the University of Dundee have now created an electronic version of what the man may have looked like, using a CT scan of his head and neck.

This produced a series of stills and an animated sequence of what it is believed he would have looked like when alive.