Ex-soldier jailed for killing UVF man

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A FORMER soldier who stabbed and killed a former loyalist terrorist leader was jailed for seven years yesterday.

Lindsay Robb, 39, a one-time commander of the outlawed Ulster Volunteer Force, died following a struggle with Brian Tollett in Glasgow on 31 December. Tollett was found guilty of culpable homicide over the attack on the convicted gun- runner.

Members of Robb's family expressed fury as the sentence was pronounced at the High Court in Glasgow.

One woman shouted: "He murdered someone and got away with seven years."

Robb settled in Lanarkshire after being released from prison in Northern Ireland in 1999 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. He was arrested in 1995 for his part in a loyalist gun-running operation.

Robb was knifed 22 times by Tollett, 29, who had helped to excavate the mass graves of genocide victims in Bosnia while he was serving as a soldier.

Before sentencing yesterday, the judge, Lord Brailsford, read reports revealing that Tollett, who served with the 1st Battalion the Royal Fusiliers, was suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Tollett, who was heavily involved in combat, had also been badly injured in a landmine explosion that claimed the lives of two other soldiers.

Lord Brailsford told him: "It is significant that you have suffered psychological problems in the past and, indeed, may still be suffering from them. These problems were caused by your service for Queen and country in the Balkans.

"It is clear from the report that in the course of your military service, which is to be praised, you experienced unpleasant things in the form of mass graves, which we have heard about in the news, and witnessed a landmine which caused the deaths of your colleagues."

During the trial, Tollett, of Ruchazie, Glasgow, admitted stabbing Robb in Ruchazie, on Hogmanay 2005, but said it was in self-defence. The attack was witnessed by people at nearby shops, including a ten-year-old boy, who saw the two men fighting on the ground before Robb was stabbed in the leg and the heart.

Another witness told the court that Tollett claimed he was asked to "sort out" Robb over an alleged debt he owed to another man and had demonstrated how he killed him.

Tollett, who also served in Northern Ireland,

claimed he was so terrified of reprisals from the UVF after he found out Robb was dead that he went on a two-week drinking binge before handing himself into the police.

Robb, who left his native Lurgan in Co Armagh to settle in Airdrie, had a violent past. He was at one time a gun-runner, a suspected drug dealer, a loyalist paramilitary, a Nazi sympathiser and a Special Branch and MI5 agent.

He had been a graphic designer and took part in peace negotiations with the government as a key member of the Progressive Unionist Party.

Robb was living in Airdrie in 1995 when he was charged with gun-running.

Three Scots loyalists had driven to Liverpool to collect a sub-machinegun and a semi- automatic pistol while Robb remained in Ayrshire. However, the weapons never reached their destination because armed police swooped on the car as it returned to Airdrie.

Within 24 hours Robb was arrested in Ayr, and shortly afterwards charged with conspiring to acquire weapons for the UVF with intent to endanger life. He was jailed for ten years in 1996.

The court heard that Tollett has three convictions for carrying a knife in public and a minor assault conviction.