Ex-manager puts Graeme Obree’s bike up for sale

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The bike used by Scottish cycling legend Graeme Obree during his first world record attempt has been put up for sale on eBay by his former manager.

Vic Haines, 64, has listed the bike, valued at £10,000, on the online auction site.

Graeme Obree

Graeme Obree

The model is almost identical to Mr Obree’s self-built “Old Faithful”, on which he twice broke the record for the greatest distance cycled in one hour.

Mr Haines said: “This bike is the Rolls Royce, the best you can get. I kept it and put it on the wall, I removed the chain and the wheels and it became a piece of objective art.”

Links to the eBay auction were retweeted from Graeme Obree’s Twitter page.

His spokesman added: “It’s Vic’s bike to sell. It’s a cool looking bike, Vic’s kept it in pretty good condition. I hope it goes for plenty.”