Ewan McGregor praises his actor uncle

Ewan McGregor said it had been a "really special" experience to act with his uncle for the first time as they appeared at the European premiere of the film they both star in.

He features alongside Denis Lawson and Eva Green in the sci-fi drama Perfect Sense. The Scot was on the red carpet at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Saturday night alongside fellow cast members Ewen Bremner and Alistair Mackenzie and director David Mackenzie.

He paid tribute to his Local Hero star uncle for inspiring him to become an actor saying: "It's the first time I've acted with my uncle. I've been directed by him in a play in London and then we did a short film in Edinburgh called Solid Geometry, and if he hadn't been an actor I'm sure I wouldn't have thought to be one. He has inspired me all my life."

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