EU referendum: How Scotland reacted on Twitter

Many took to Twitter to express shock at the result. Picture: Neil Hanna
Many took to Twitter to express shock at the result. Picture: Neil Hanna
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With Scotland voting strongly to remain in the European Union, many have been shocked by the UK-wide result to leave.

The UK is now heading for a Brexit vote after England, along with Wales, voted to leave in the European referendum.

However, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU, with 62 per cent of Scots opting for continued membership of the European Union.

The result surprised many Scottish voters who took to Twitter to vent.

@DaftLimmy: “Thank f*** for Scotland.”

@frankieboyle: “Still, at least we’ve put a stop economic migration by making the pound worthless.”

@AndrewMarr9: “This (probably) means the end of the UK as we have known it. Oh, and the government is pretty much shot, as well.”

@artemis0801L: “Enjoy the Union Jack while it still means something. Once you lose Scotland and Ireland the flag goes too #EUref”

@ChrisRWhiting: “It’s not even midday and Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland are preparing to jump ship. We’ve got our UK back though, eh?!”

@Tamagnew: “All you no voters can’t complain you chose to let England decide our destiny, but I can!”

How Scotland voted.

How Scotland voted.

@ajay_west: “Britain out of Europe before Celtic this season.”

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@DannyGarnell: “David Cameron is that “mate” who gets you all in a fight at closing time and then disappears until it’s all over.”

@harryyyjames: “I strongly believe that if everyone voted in London and Scotland remain would’ve won , it’s complacency that let us down”

@mrsguyliner: “Once again Scotland’s voice is disregarded by the UK. Surely this shows why we need #indyref2”

@ShampersSandy: “Scotland are clever. They’ll get another ref, they’ll get bk in the EU,banks, industry etc will move there & the rest of UK will rot!”

@RonOnAndOn: “Every single council in Scotland vote #Remain yet we are still out? Absolutely unbelievable”

Some expressed pride in the way Scotland voted.

@John7Young: “The result the Media worked for, so glad Scotland kept her head. We live in interesting times.”

@isobelkdew: “Sad and disappointed by the results of the #EUref . Never been more proud to live in Scotland.”

And then off course there was Donald Trump, who may have been watching a different result...

@realDonaldTrump: “Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!”

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