Weather: UK set for mix of sizzle and drizzle

Britain is preparing for a scorching Bank Holiday Monday as temperatures continue to increase across the country.

Weather experts are predicting England and Wales could enjoy temperatures as high as 23C today, making them hotter that many European destinations, including France and Italy.

However, some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will have more cloud and rain, particularly in the west of Scotland, with temperatures at a slightly cooler 16C.

Paul Mott, a meteorologist at MeteoGroup, said that while the temperatures over central and eastern England are expected to be in the low 20s, it might just climb above 23C in London and East Anglia.

“There’s a chance it could be the warmest day of the year so far,” he said.

The highly anticipated weather comes after a miserable start to spring and has seen a surge in demand for barbecues, with Asda reporting a sales increase of 142 per cent.

This weekend, Scotland experienced mixed weather with between 30 and 40mm of rain falling in northern Scotland and temperatures in some places of just 4C (39F) yesterday.

Passengers on board the Waverley paddle steamer left Oban, bound for Fort William, amid blue skies and sunshine yesterday morning on her first trip of the day.

However, the vessel retuned at lunchtime shrouded in grey clouds and rain.