Warning to offshore wind firms

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A LEADING health and safety lawyer will warn this week that the complex supply chain arrangements involved in the development of Britain’s offshore wind industry could increase health and safety risks.

Steven Brooker, of Bond Pearce, is a member of the Health & Safety Lawyers’ Association. He claims it is not a question of if there will be a serious incident, but when.

Mr Brooker acted an adviser in the successful prosecutions relating to the explosions and fires at the Buncefield Oil Depot in Hertfordshire, which was one of the largest oil products storage depots in the UK.

Mr Brooker will tell the offshore wind health and safety summit in Copenhagen this week that the offshore wind ­industry can significantly reduce its risk by implementing the ­lessons learned from Buncefield.

He said: “Buncefield ­occurred due to systemic management failures – the dominant theme of which was the failure to ­adequately manage supply chains which related to safety-critical risks.

“Everyone has to have a mutual understanding of their role and co-ordinate with others within the supply chain, as dangers appear when people make assumptions and don’t co-ordinate.”