Soviet-era toy washes up on Musselburgh beach

A plastic game controller manufactured around fifty years ago in the former USSR was among items discovered during a beach clean in Musselburgh.

During a Wild about Scotland beach clean at Fisherrow Sands a section of a controller from a 1960s Novo Raceways Scalextric set which had been made in Soviet Russia was found.

The event, part of Beachwatch, the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) beach clean and litter survey project, took place on Tuesday with 50 volunteers taking part including Edinburgh Zoo’s Green Team.

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The find comes just months after a lighter made for the 1986 World Cup was found on a beach in the Highlands.

In total, the team managed to collect and record 27kgs of rubbish, including over 300 wet wipes.

Organisers have said the Soviet-era toy provides yet another example of the scale of the plastic problem in our oceans.