Scottish police warning: snakes are coming out of hibernation

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A Scottish police force has issued a warning after snake reports in the local area.

Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Police Division put out a statement to remind the public that adders are coming out of hibernation.

Adders are venomous and a bite can be painful and on rare occasions even fatal.

The statement read: “Adders are coming out of hibernation now. The snake is not aggressive and usually only bites when alarmed or disturbed. Bites can be very painful, but they are rarely fatal. Sightings have already been noted in the Tarbert area.”

One local, Kerry Harper Kendall, wrote: “Painful and can make you quite unwell. If walking in grassy areas, avoid wearing open shoes/sandals and try and protect the bottom of your legs.”

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Maria Forde added: “I used to see them all the time when I stayed in Ettrick Valley (a few miles outside Selkirk), haven’t seen them since I’ve moved up here, but I always keep an eye out when I’m out walking anywhere for them especially when I’ve got the kids and dog.”