Scots photographer captures stunning image of stag and moon

These stunning images show the silhouette of a majestic stag in front of a rising moon on the Queen's Scottish estate.

A stag in front of the moon on the hills near Loch Muick in the Cairngorms National Park. Picture: Andy Leonard/SWNS

Amateur photographer Andy Leonard, 59, captured the fascinating scene during an outing with the local RSPB beside Loch Muick, Aberdeenshire.

The energy consultant, from Ellon, Aberdeenshire, said the deer was overlooking the valley for five minutes and roaring before he charged at another male.

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Andy said: “I was out with the local RSPB group and we went up to Loch Meick to look looking for grouse and eagles.

The stag was overlooking the valley and roaring. Picture: Andy Leonard/SWNS

“We were also looking for red deer. We were expecting to see them in the valley but there were virtually none.

“Near the end of the day we walked towards the loch and we could see the moon rising above the hillside.

“Somebody spotted the deer and a few females. I ran up the side valley so I could get the deer in the right position in front of the moon.

The stag was overlooking the valley and roaring. Picture: Andy Leonard/SWNS

“I jumped over a wall and used a block of granite to rest my camera and take a series of photographs.

“It was very majestic. I guess the deer was just standing there for a few minutes which gave me a chance to get this photograph.

“He was about half a mile away and may have seen us.

“The deer was roaring across the valley to another stag on the other side. I presume they were going to have a confrontation.”