Scotland's weather: Hurricanes to bring strong winds and rain

The tailend of Hurricanes Lee and Marta are making their way across the Atlantic and could hit Scotland this weekend.

Strongs winds of up to 85mph and heavy rain are set to batter Scotland. Picture: PA

Forecasters have warned that the hurricanes could bring wind gusts of over 85mph to northern Scotland as it arrives from the north Atlantic.

The Met Office said the potential weather conditions would ‘be far from those experienced in the Caribbean.’ but added strong winds and heavy rain were to expected in Scotland and northern England.

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Weather systems like hurricanes tend to peter out after moving away from warmer tropical waters having lose their source of energy.

Meteorologists are currently monitoring the progress of the hurricanes are they curve their way across the open waters of the north Atlantic.

Both are weakening but have the potential to disrupt weather across Scotland towards the end of the weekend and into early next week.