Scotland’s weather: Some don’t like it hot!

Humboldt penguins keeps cool under a cold shower. Picture: PA
Humboldt penguins keeps cool under a cold shower. Picture: PA
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WITH bodies more suited to the chilly conditions of the Antarctic, penguins Forrest and Joss cool off in a shower as the sun gets too much for them.

As the hot weather continued yesterday, the Humboldt penguins, who have a large pool and waterfall at their Blair Drummond Safari park enclosure in Stirling, decided to take a cold power shower in front of visitors as the temperature rose to 21C.

Safari park manager Gary Gilmour said: “There are six penguins and they’ve been using the cold shower a lot this week. They love it and it’s great for cooling them down in this hot weather.

“This great spell of weather has been great for the park and long may it continue.”

A spokesman for the Met Office said yesterday: It is going to be fine and warm weather for nearly all of Scotland over this weekend. It will be dry and sunny with temperatures reaching into the low 20s each afternoon.

“It will be a little bit cooler in the North-east with some mist along the east coast, but it will still be pleasant with temperatures of 17C to 19C. In west and central Scotland it will reach 22C or 23C.”

When not cooling down, the Humboldts spend much of their time preening their feathers. They gather oil from their preening gland and apply it to the feathers and flippers to keep them waterproof and insulated from the cold.