Scotland’s weather: Motorists warned of flash freeze likely to hit Aberdeen

Flash freeze: Aberdeen
Flash freeze: Aberdeen
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THE MET Office has warned of the risk of a flash freeze in various parts of Scotland tomorrow as temperatures plummet on already saturated ground.

• Aberdeen Council issued weather warning earlier as road temperatures are likely to be cooler than air temperatures

• Overnight temperatures will reach -2C in some parts of Scotland in Aberdeenshire and parts of the Central Belt

Aberdeen City Council has already issued an alert to motorists to exercise “extreme caution” tomorrow morning as a flash freeze is likely to hit the city.

But a Met Office spokesman said the risk of flash freeze conditions could also affect other parts of Scotland as overnight temperatures reach -2C in some areas.

He said: “The concern is that we have seen some pretty wet weather of late so we have some pretty saturated ground, even although it hasn’t rained too much in the last couple of days.

“That saturated ground can still leak water onto road surfaces and, with minimum temperatures set to get down to -2C, there is a risk of seeing some ice here and there although we are not expecting a widespread ice risk.”

The spokesman said that temperatures were expected to fall below freezing point in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and could get down to -2C in the Glasgow area. He added: “Temperatures are also expected to fall generally away from the coast and inland areas of the Central Belt and the North of Scotland. There could be some icy patches on roads but we work with Government agencies and the highways agencies to make them aware of this so they will be doing everything they can to minimise the risk.”

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen City Council said: “Rain is forecast this afternoon and is predicted to continue falling until about 6am, while temperatures are set to plummet below zero. The result will be that most of the salt laid by the city’s winter maintenance teams will be washed off and it is highly likely to be icy.

“There is potential for a flash freeze across the city and beyond. This means that roads and pavements, including main streets, are likely to be icy and treacherous. Pedestrians and motorists should be extremely careful, allow extra time for their journeys, and dress appropriately for the expected conditions.”

She continued: “The gritting teams will be out once the worst of the rain has passed, but there is a possibility of further showers which could result in the salt being washed off. The travelling public should be aware of the possibility of surfaces freezing before the gritters get to them and are advised to treat all surfaces with caution and as if they had not been treated.

“The air temperature may remain above 0C, but road temperatures will be considerably lower. Motorists are warned not to be fooled by the temperature sensors in their vehicles, which give the air temperature, not the road surface temperature.”