‘Sawdust’ toilets installed near Kinghorn Loch

The new toilets will be placed on the banks of Kinghorn Loch. Picture: Contributed
The new toilets will be placed on the banks of Kinghorn Loch. Picture: Contributed
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A TOILET which uses sawdust instead of water and stores waste for a year to create compost has been installed on the banks of a Scottish loch.

The unusual toilet is similar to models used in third world countries which have no access to running water but overlooks a wildflower meadow on the banks of Kinghorn Loch in Fife.

Instead of flushing the dry composting toilet, users deposit a scoop of sawdust and the waste is collected in giant underground tank.

The tank is left in place for a year before being removed and kept for another year until it breaks down to form compost, which will be spread around the loch.

The toilet is housed in a wooden shed, decorated with glass tiles and is surrounded by a wildflower meadow.

It was made possible by a £5,000 grant from Kew Gardens Grow Wild Initiative.

Ecology Centre general manager Julie Samuel said: “It is proving very popular among people who come to the loch. It was the first building up so we wanted it to be quite attractive. All the waste is contained in an underground vault which will stay there for about a year. Once it is full it will be switched and left for a year to allow the waste to break down. We will then use the compost around the site.”

The toilet is the first building to be put in place at the Ecology Centre’s £350,000 new home on the eastern edge of the loch.

The charity, which teaches children about nature and provides training and volunteering opportunities, is moving from its current base at nearby Craigencalt Farm to the new site.

It will be based temporarily in three shipping containers during the winter months which will be linked to the new centre building which is hoped to start taking shape early next year.