Pleas to Fife Council to chop huge trees in Glenrothes

Residents on a Glenrothes street have appealed to Fife Council to cut down huge trees, over fears falling branches could hurt someone.

Bob Conn under one of the trees.

High winds in recent weeks have caused branches from the trees, which are on land in Carleton Primary School, to fall and land in properties south of the school.

The size of the branches have some residents concerned that something be damaged or someone hurt if another falls before the council takes action.

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The residents are calling on the local authority to fell the trees.

Bob Conn (62) said he had contacted the council about the issue but claimed nothing had been done.

He told the Gazette: “I’m scared for my life if the tree comes down. But the council don’t care.

“It’s going to end up with the death of someone.”

Branches from one of the trees hang over Mr Conn’s greenhouse, where he spends much of time following his recent retirement.

“It’s a risk to my health if one of the branches falls the wrong way,” he added.

“Anyone caught underneath one will be hurt or maimed.

“The council are just dismissing it.

“I’ve been contacting them for years about the trees but they don’t seem to care.”

Neil Finnie, senior compliance officer with Fife Council’s Education Service, said: “We’ve received a few enquiries about these trees and responses to the residents have been co-ordinated through the council’s tree officer.

“The trees were surveyed as part of a wider programme of tree inspections last year.”

He added: “Although the trees are big, they’re not unhealthy or diseased and are monitored with maintenance carried out as required, as is the case with the other trees on the site.”