Now Donald Trump tilts against ‘windmills’ in outburst on YouTube

A screenshot of Donald Trump's latest outburst against Alex Salmond
A screenshot of Donald Trump's latest outburst against Alex Salmond
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DONALD Trump has stepped up his tirade against Alex Salmond by posting a YouTube video that berates the First Minister for his role in the proliferation of offshore wind farms.

On the day he was scheduled to take part in a telephone conference call with the management team behind the Aberdeen Bay wind farm, the tycoon posted a one minute 53 second video on his company’s website and on You Tube, saying Mr Salmond was behind a move to erect thousands of “windmills” he says will ruin Scotland’s majestic coastal scenery.

The clip has been viewed more than 5,000 times.

Filmed in his luxury offices at Trump Tower in New York and posted on YouTube as being “From the Desk of Donald Trump”, he says: “You have probably been reading there is lot of hoopla about windmills.

“They are unsightly and, in the case of Scotland, they are going crazy with trying to put them up all over the place and everyone else is going crazy trying to take them down.

“Some countries have totally given up on the turbines because the experience has been so bad. But Scotland has a group of leaders – one of them in particular – who just is foistering [sic] them on the people and it’s really, really sad.”

He continues: “They want to build thousands of windmills in the waters that surround the most beautiful shoreline probably anywhere in the world. It has to be stopped.

“They are noisy, they are inefficient. When the wind doesn’t blow, you don’t get electricity. And when it does blow, you don’t get much.

“Why somebody wants to take this horrible technology and use it to destroy one of the great and most beautiful countries is beyond me. Everybody’s against it, but the government of Scotland is pushing it and pushing it, and we have to stop it because, believe me, it’s a major mistake.

“I actually made the statement that never before in the history of Scotland has a disaster like this taken place.”

Mr Trump has pledged to launch an international crusade against coastal turbine schemes. He says he will pull the plug on his £750 million golf resort at the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire if the government gives the go-ahead to the proposed 11-turbine European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), which would be built within one and a half miles of his championship golf course.

The development is being spearheaded by Swedish electricity company Vattenfall, and Mr Trump is understood to have participated in a telephone link between his representatives in New York and senior members of the Vattenfall management team yesterday.

Representatives of both sides are understood to have had talks in recent weeks, at a meeting facilitated by the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, which left both sides as entrenched as ever.

David Rodger, project spokesman for the EOWDC said: “Representatives of the EOWDC and Trump International participated in a telephone conference on 10 February. No conclusions were reached, but we trust there will be further dialogue.”

A spokesman for Mr Trump said: “I can confirm the conversation took place and Mr Rodger’s comments are accurate. No further comment will be made from our side.”

Mr Trump was said to be “travelling” and could not be contacted for comment about the tele-conference.

The Scottish Government said that it would be inappropriate for the First Minister to comment on the row because it was up to planners to rule on the wind farm.