Newborn seal pup found abandoned in Dingwall

Clipper the seal pup is making a recovery. Picture: PA
Clipper the seal pup is making a recovery. Picture: PA
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A NEWBORN seal pup abandoned by its mother has been rescued.

The orphaned harbour seal pup was found lying on a grassy shoreline in Dingwall.

The Scottish SPCA was alerted to the days old male seal pup after tourists and dog walkers noticed the helpless youngster calling out for his mother near Ferry Road, Old Harbour.

Members of the public had reported seeing the pup in the area over two days with no sign of the mother.

Rescue officer Jamie Cherry rescued the seal pup with the assistance of the local coastguard and he is now being rehabilitated at the welfare charity’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre at Fishcross near Alloa, where he has been named Clipper.

Centre Manager Colin Seddon said, “Clipper is typical of many of the seal pups that come into our care orphaned or injured and too young to survive by themselves.

“It’s unfortunate that this pup was born in an area that is busy during the day with dog walkers and tourists so there’s a high chance that mum has been prevented from returning to her pup due to her natural fear of

people and other animals.

“We advise members of the public who discover uninjured seal pups on the shore not to disturb them as the mothers will leave them there for several hours while they are out in the water hunting for food.

“However, in this instance Clipper had been left for over 24 hours and the presence of people and dogs would have been adding to his distress so our help was required.

“After some initial rehydration fluids Clipper is now being tube fed a type of fish soup which contains vital nutrients he needs for growth and good health.

“We’ll continue to rehabilitate Clipper at the centre until he is strong enough to be released.”