Mossmorran flaring set to continue for several days

The unplanned flaring at Mossmorran petro-chemical plant in Fife is set to continue for several days its operator has confirmed.

A spokesman for ExxonMobil said that a team of engineers worked though the night in a bid to bring the plant back to, what they described as, “normal operations”.

A statement issued by the company this morning added: “Given the significant work required to achieve this, it will take a few days to complete.

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Unscheduled flaring at Fife Ethelyne Plant, Mossmorran (Pic: David Wardle)

“During this time we will, unfortunately, need to continue flaring.

ExxonMobil say the flaring could continue for several days.

“Our team is working hard to minimise flaring and timescales, as we understand the obvious disruption flaring has on our communities.

“We thank stakeholders and communities for their understanding and patience.”

The latest unplanned flaring started at 1pm yesterday afternoon with a large flame and plumes of thick black smoke visible from over 30 miles away.

ExxonMobil said the problem was due to “a process interruption” adding that there was “no danger to the local communities” and added: “Flaring is necessary following an interruption in our steam generating boilers.”

This latest episode of flaring started at 1pm on Sunday.