Kittens rescued from air conditioning unit

The kittens are recovering after their rescue. Picture: submitted
The kittens are recovering after their rescue. Picture: submitted
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FOUR tiny kittens are on the road to recovery after being found trapped inside an air-conditioning unit in Aberdeenshire, it was revealed today.

Staff from the Scottish SPCA were alerted to the plight of the four kittens by staff at oil service company Technip, at Enterprise Drive, Westhill, last Thursday when the three-week-old kittens were discovered trapped in the air condition vent at the company’s headquarters on the outskirts of Aberdeen.

They are now receiving the care they need at the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Drumoak where staff have named them Dusty, Harrison, Crystal and Morgan.

Debbie Innes, the centre’s assistant manager, said: “We’re unsure how the kittens got into the unit. It’s possible mum either had her litter there or moved them inside as a place of safety if she felt they were in danger.

“The kittens were very hungry when they were found, as well as a little red around the eyes due to them drying out while they were trapped. “After a good feed they have come out of their shells, showing their mischievous and playful sides.”

She continued: “They are all receiving treatment for their dry eyes and still have quite a mountain to climb before they can be rehomed but we’re pleased with their progress so far.

“These guys are currently being bottle-fed but will soon move onto solids.”

Ms Innes added: “As we’re caring for 15 kittens in total, food is in constant high demand and donations of kitten food would be a great help. We’re hugely appreciative of everything we receive and we currently have a plentiful supply of biscuits and adult food thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted locals, so we’re specifically appealing for donations of tinned meat for our kittens at the moment.

“Anyone who hands in food is more than welcome to have a look round the centre and say hello to some of the kittens they’ll be helping us feed.”