'It was like being in a horror movie' - Panic as bees get inside bus in Edinburgh city centre

The bees settled on the Duke of Edinburgh statue in Edinburgh city centre. Pic: Connor McKenzie
The bees settled on the Duke of Edinburgh statue in Edinburgh city centre. Pic: Connor McKenzie
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Bus passengers were left 'freaking out' as their vehicle encountered a swarm of bees while travelling through Edinburgh city centre this afternoon.

Rosa Alexander was on the number 29 bus when some of the flying insects came in through the open windows on what has been a warm summer's day.

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The Evening News reported earlier today how a swarm of bees had settled on the Duke of Wellington statue, across the road from the Balmoral Hotel.

But 25-year-old Rosa said the bus she was on encountered a swarm of about 500 bees in the middle of the road.

She said: "I thought they were flies at first but then I saw lots of people running for cover and putting their coats over their heads.

"The bus was driving towards it (the swarm) and a few of them got in and people were running to close the windows, and we drove through the swarm. It was incredible, like nothing I've ever seen before in my life. It was so bizarre. People managed to get the windows shut in time - everyone was panicking.

"Everyone on the bus was freaking out. It was like they (the bees) were trying to get through the glass. It was like something out of a horror film. It was horrible."

Pictures posted to the Evening News this afternoon suggest beekeepers have now managed to round-up the bees.

Earlier today, passerby Adrian Souter, said: "A woman dressed in bee keeping attire appeared, but it seems they were too high for her to reach.

"Someone mentioned that the Balmoral have a colony, which may have attracted them."

It is unclear at this stage where the bees have come from, but the creatures can travel up to two and a half miles and are said to go looking for a new home if they are hungry and can't find any food.

Many other bystanders have been posting pictures of the bees on social media this afternoon.

In July 2014, a swarm of about 20,000 bees settled on part of the Scottish Parliament during a warm summer's day.