How you can make Scotland a greener place

Edinburgh allotments. Picture: TSPL
Edinburgh allotments. Picture: TSPL
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Small adjustments to our lives can have a huge impact on the environment. The articles below explain how we can all help the planet and our pockets.


What impact will climate change have on Scotland?

While climate change is no longer news to anyone, it can seem like an arbitrary concept; a term bandied about by politicians and cited by campaigners. But its effects, caused by all of us, will be felt by all of us.

Everyone has a part to play in making Scotland greener

It’s the challenge of all our lives. The chance to make a real difference to the world. Or risk that by not doing enough, we leave behind a legacy of waste, climate change and a ruined environment.

Thrifty habits of our forefathers key to reducing waste

Make do and mend – it was a way of life for generations gone by. But while the consumer age gives us more choice than ever, the downside is we are creating more waste than the nation can handle.


• How to keep your home warm and your wallet happy

• Ten ways to cut your home energy bills

• 12 tips to help you avoid food waste

• Ten ways to live a greener life

• Ten tips for driving more fuel efficiently

• Ten ways to help you cycle and walk more in Scotland

• How to source the best local Scottish in season food


• Comedian Phil Kay finds out how to keep your home warm - while wearing a feather boa.

The Scots stand-up discovers that it is “stupidly simple” to keep the heat in your home while saving a pretty packet at the same time too.

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• Comedian Phil Kay visits a dump, complete with open air living room, to get to the bottom of Scotland’s household waste problem.

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`• Comedian Phil Kay, speaks to experts on climate change to shed light on how Scotland’s weather has been affected by global warming before considering simple changes people can make to their daily routine to help tackle the issue.

Phil speaks to Professor James Curran of the Climate Change Delivery Board and Chris McGinnis of the 2050 Climate Change Group.

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• Comedian Phil Kay discusses the scale of the food waste problem with Ylva Haglund from Zero Waste Scotland, what we can do about it and how our food waste could instead go on provide electricity for Scotland’s cities.

Phil also speaks to Eleanor Cunningham from The Edinburgh Larder about how to make an omelette from spare food in our fridges.

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• The video, fronted by comedian Phil Kay, explores the physical benefits of being more active and discusses the wider benfits to society and the environment with sports/excercise medicine doctor Andrew Murray and Norman Armstrong of Freewheel North.

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• Make Scotland Greener is a partnership between The Scotsman and the Scottish Government