Hedgehog rescued from clay ditch

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A HEDGEHOG named Cassius, because he was found covered in clay, is recovering in the care of an animal charity after being found in a ditch near the site of the Battle of Bannockburn

The intrepid hedgehog was spotted by a young boy playing near his home, who saw the animal struggling to move in the open drain The boy’s parents then called the Scottish SPCA.

SSPCA inspector Louise Seddon arrived to rescue the hedgehog and took him straight to the charity’s wildlife rescue centre at Middlebank in Fife where staff named him Cassius Clay.

Ms Seddon said yesterday: “Cassius was very lucky to be found as he would not have survived much longer in the mud-filled trench. This is the first hedgehog incident I’ve attended this year so it’s possible that he had just emerged from hibernation and accidentally fallen into the drain.”