Glasgow is worst city for vehicle fumes

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GLASGOW has the worst traffic pollution in Europe, a new study of 40 cities published today suggests. The European Environment Agency annual report on transport pollution found that 61 per cent of nitrogen dioxide emissions in Glasgow came from traffic – a greater proportion than any of the other cities analysed.

Experts said that while other cities might have worse pollution from other sources, the statistics were further evidence that improving congestion in Glasgow would dramatically improve air quality and, therefore, health.

EEA executive director Jacqueline McGlade said: “One of the big challenges of the 21st century will be to mitigate the negative effects of transport – greenhouse gases, air pollution and noise – while ensuring positive aspects of mobility. Europe can take the lead by intensifying its work in the area of technological innovation in electric mobility.”

The city with the lowest proportion of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from traffic fumes was Duisburg, in Germany, with 13 per cent. An earlier EEA report published in September found that Glasgow was the most polluted city in the UK - and the fifth worst in Europe - for key traffic-related emissions, including NO2.