Glasgow hotels push up prices by 500 per cent ahead of climate change conference

Hoteliers have begun pushing up room rates by more than 500 per cent for the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

Glasgow will welcome world leaders to the city in November for the major climate change conference. PIC: Flickr/Ian Dick

Hoteliers have begun bumping up room rates by more than 500 per cent for the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

Glasgow becomes the host for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP 26) for almost two weeks in November, when 200 global prime ministers and presidents are expected to attend the United Nations summit.

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But rocketing nightly rates are being charged for the period of the conference for rooms in city hotels and apartment complexes.

For example, is offering a four-bedroom duplex apartment in the city centre for a staggering £34,986 for a 14-night period around the conference.

The rate being charged for the Blythswood Square Apartments works out at just under £2500 per night.

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The website adds a comment from an anonymous guest:”Rooms are amazing value for money.”

Scroll back a month, to October 11, and the same website offers the same Classic Double Room for £117 per night.

That’s an increase of more than 500 per cent.

Establishments closer to the SEC Campus conference venue also admit they are cashing in on the huge demand for beds.

Book a week earlier, however, before the conference begins, and you will find a room rate of ‘just’ £150.

A spokeswoman for the Radisson Hotel Group said:“Every hotel is managed based on the demand and offer, on competitive situation, on market evolution. It is like this in any industry .”

Businessman Peter Sunderland said he had not deliberately hiked rates at the Blythswood Square Apartments because of the UN conference.

He said:”These are very high end apartments. We get a lot of Prosecco girls, hen and stag parties who would book up if they could.

“We consciously set rates high to discourage them because they are bad for business. You don’t want a lot of daft lads upsetting the neighbours.

“Instead, we attract a lot of guests from the Middle East, who are happy to pay a lot of money for the right place.

“I can see where you are coming from, but I promise you, our rates have not changed.”

The Scottish Greens said sky-high hotel prices could impact “negatively” on the impression 30,000 delegates take from their time in Glasgow.

Scottish Greens Councillor Jon Molyneux said: “The Climate Emergency is the greatest issue facing humanity, and hosting COP 26 gives Glasgow and Scotland the chance to set an inspiring and transformative agenda.

“While we have a huge opportunity to deliver climate action, we also want those who come here to leave with a good impression of our city.

“It would be extremely disappointing if exorbitant pricing negatively impacted on that.”

VIP guests are likely to include French President, Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Donald Trump needs to avoid impeachment and the US Presidential Election in early November before he can make a firm booking at his Trump Turnberry Resort in Ayrshire.