Galloway resident sounds alarm on noise damage of wind farms

A Galloway resident has launched a petition calling for the full health implications of wind farms to be investigated before any more are built.

Should there be a freeze on new wind farms while health risks are investigated?
Should there be a freeze on new wind farms while health risks are investigated?

Paul Swift said: “Thousands of people are living within 20 kilometres (12 miles) of a wind turbine and they may be suffering from health issues created by “infrasound.”

“Effects include reducing cardiac muscle strength. Infrasound affects the inner ear and the brain and can cause sleeplessness, emotional reactions and many other distressing symptoms. Infrasound has even been investigated for use as a weapon.

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“Many experts have highlighted the problems. Adults, children and animals are all at risk.

“I am asking readers to sign the petition to help persuade the government to stop all wind turbine projects until the health issues caused by infrasound are thoroughly investigated by an independent body.

“This is a very serious matter that cannot be ignored.”

Paul cites several expert opinions on the subject, including that of Dr Lars Ceranna, Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany.

He says: “A five megawatt wind farm would possibly generate a detectable infrasound signal even from a distance of twenty kilometres.”

The petition can be accessed at

In other parts of Scotland, anti-wind farm campaigners have offered evidence of emotional problems being faced by those already living next to wind farms.